What An Evergreen Ecommerce Funnel Should Look Like

Most people don't buy on a whim. Yes, there are some rare people who will immediately fall in love with your product the moment they see it and decide to immediately buy.

But those people are rare.

Instead, most people need to see your products multiple times and be educated about your product before they'll buy. Or even be entertained before they'll buy!

That means your marketing efforts need to be dynamic so you can engage people in different ways. In other words, you should engage people differently depending on where they exist in the buying funnel.

If you do it correctly, you'll have an Evergreen marketing system that works for a long time. If you don't, you'll have a constant headache on your hands.

Here's the basic idea to follow:

Top Of Funnel (TOF) Marketing

The top of funnel crowd (TOF), need a reason to even think about you, much less buy from you. So you give them a reason to think about you by offering them a giveaway, an inexpensive/free "loss leader" product, or engaging content (my favorite).

We call these "triggers" because it triggers someone to take an action of some kind.

Imagine you're in control of the loud speaker of a packed football stadium. You say "hey, raise your hand if you're interested in X". Maybe only 500 of the people raise their hand. Perfect. Now you know who to talk to and who to ignore.

That's what a trigger ad does for you. It plucks someone from the very top of your funnel and helps them slide down to the middle of the funnel.

Middle Of Funnel (MOF) Marketing

Once a person reaches the middle of the funnel (MOF), they need to be engaged in a totally different way. They've already raised their hand and said "I'm interested", which means now we need to try to get them more interested.

The way to do this is to start small at first. Most marketers completely mess this up. Don't go immediately into the "please buy from me!!" mode. All that will do is annoy people.

Instead try educating them about your product. Don't even give them a link. Just tell them what you're all about in short ads with engaging images.

Or try entertaining them with a joke or an engaging story.

But above all, wait awhile before you ask them to buy. Doing so will build up trust and familiarity with your brand.

The key to doing this right is to set the ads up in a sequence so the MOF crowd sees the ads in order and only once every 1-2 days. 

But eventually, of course, you do need to ask them to buy. Consider using a coupon to entice them. Remember, this is a possible first-time customer so giving even a small discount can help close the deal.

Not everyone from the MOF will buy, and that's ok. Once they go through your MOF ad sequence, let them fall out of the funnel. In fact, exclude them from seeing your TOF ads for a few months so they don't get looped endlessly through the sequence. 

If you don't exclude them, all that will do is annoy them and waste your money.

Bottom Of Funnel (BOF) Marketing

Once someone buys, they have fallen to the bottom of your funnel. At this point, consider strategically retargeting them for an upsell or a cross-promotion. Maybe wait a week or two before doing this, but the idea is that a recent buyer is likely to buy another product...if if makes sense and you give them a good reason. 

The key here is to be strategic about it, meaning, put some thought into what you offer a brand new customer as you attempt to make them a repeat buyer. Use the FB ads to supplement a short email sequence.

If you do this right, you'll have an amazing Evergreen campaign that will serve your business for a long time. 

Evergreen...like the picture above. 

If you're interested in learning more about evergreen e-commerce marketing, check out my DIY training.

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    Leo Ebbert

    Leo Ebbert is a 10-year internet marketing veteran who has helped dozens of E-commerce businesses dominate their space online.