Part 3: How to Setup Top of Funnel Campaigns in Facebook

And now for the final installment of Facebook funnel marketing. Top of funnel (TOF) marketing should only be addressed after you've implemented BOF and MOF marketing campaigns.

If you haven't yet done that, it's a big mistake trying to complete this right now. First go watch those training videos before you try to implement this step.

If you have already done that, watch this video to see how I setup TOF campaigns. Keep in mind, this is a high-level view of the strategy. It's not the step-by-step like you'd get in my full course. But if you've been following this series, you could use this info along with the info in my free course to get this going.

Here's the top of funnel e-commerce marketing video:

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    Leo Ebbert

    Leo Ebbert is a 10-year internet marketing veteran who has helped dozens of E-commerce businesses dominate their space online.