Major Update to My Free E-commerce Advertising Course

This past week I completed a major overhaul to my free E-commerce advertising course.

For one, I've integrated it with my paid E-commerce advertising course completely so that the interface and course layout are uniform and when someone signs up for the paid course, they no longer have to learn a new interface.

Here's what the backend looks like now:

The new layout allows you to easily see all content available to those who purchase the course but only the first 7-10 videos of each module are accessible for free. That leads me to the next part of the update...

New Content Available for Free

In the original free course, I picked pieces of the paid course to give you an idea of what's available. The problem with that approach is it made it hard for people to implement any part of my strategies well, which meant they had a hard time seeing the power of it.

In the new course, I've made the first 7 videos of the Facebook advertising course and the first 10 videos of the Google Ads course available for free.

Here's a list of what you can now watch as part of the free Facebook training:

  • Why Facebook (2:16)
  • How to Setup Facebook for E-commerce Success (20:01)
  • Setting Up Facebook Business Manager (35:24)
  • Facebook Pixel Setup (4:30)
  • Setting Up Facebook Audiences (26:07)
  • Facebook Abandoned Cart Retargeting (13:09)
  • Facebook Site Visitor Retargeting (33:23)

And here's what you can watch as part of the free Google Ads training:

  • Why Google Ads (1:39)
  • How to Setup Google Ads for E-commerce Success (18:30)
  • Conversion Tracking - Getting it Right (12:10)
  • Setting Up Audiences (18:09)
  • Branded Search Campaigns (59:58)
  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns (26:49)
  • Site Retargeting in Adwords (13:43)
  • Google Shopping Explanation (7:19)
  • Product Feed & Merchant Setup (12:44)
  • Shopping Campaign Setup (22:21)

All 4 of the Getting Started Videos are also available for free:

  • Getting Started (5:41)
  • Video Speed for Faster Learning (3:42)
  • Evergreen Campaigns from 30,000 feet (9:42)
  • Bonus Videos: LTV & Monthly Shortfall Calculator (10:24)

All told, that's almost 6 full hours of e-commerce advertising training for free. Not a bad deal.

Why This Is A Major Improvement

The biggest reason why this is such a major improvement is that it's more *actionable* content for you to put into practice. 

It's also now organized in a way that you can launch campaigns in the order of highest importance by picking up as much of the lowest hanging fruit as possible before moving up the "money tree", so to speak.

I can't overemphasize how important this is. You have to shore up the bottom of your funnel before you do anything else. Then shore up the middle of the funnel. Then, and only then, start prospecting. 

That concept is nothing new if you've been following my material, but the new and improved free course helps you follow that path more naturally than before.

I can tell you from countless experiences, these strategies work extremely well for e-commerce advertising. And now you can get multiple profitable campaigns started before you even sign up for the paid course.

Of course, the fastest way to e-commerce success is still through my paid course, but with the overhaul to the free course, you can test drive my strategies much more easily now.

The free course is more intuitive, more actionable, more's simply, more.

How to Get Access to the Free Course

If you've signed up for the free course in the past, all you have to do is login and you'll automatically be sent to the new course backend. If you've forgotten your password, search your email for the welcome email I sent you when you signed up or use the "Forgot Your Password" option on the login page above. 

Or for a managed solution, book a Strategy Session to discuss your e-commerce advertising.

    Leo Ebbert

    Leo Ebbert is a 10-year internet marketing veteran who has helped dozens of E-commerce businesses dominate their space online.