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Which Channel Is Better for E-commerce: Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Would you rather watch than read? Here’s the video. Or scroll down to read instead… The better question to ask is “why not pursue both channels?” But sometimes pursuing both isn’t currently an option. That’s usually true for businesses that have limited ad dollars and bandwidth. You may not have the time to master and monitor […]

Major Update to My Free E-commerce Advertising Course

This past week I completed a major overhaul to my free E-commerce advertising course. For one, I’ve integrated it with my paid E-commerce advertising course completely so that the interface and course layout are uniform and when someone signs up for the paid course, they no longer have to learn a new interface. Here’s what the backend […]

AdWords Steps Up Machine Learning AI For Predictive Audiences

The robots are coming for us all…at least that’s how it feels sometimes. As someone who was both fascinated and terrified by Tim Urban’s treatise on the future of artificial intelligence (AI), I pay extra attention when I see advancements in that arena. Especially AI advancements in the online ad space. At some point, if things continue […]