E-commerce Ads Setup Services

The fastest and most likely way to achieve success with online advertising is to hire an expert to do it for you, or at least help you set everything up correctly. 

There are two ways my done-for-you (DFY) service can help you. One way is to hire my team to manage your campaigns with my direct oversight. Fair warning, this is not cheap. You can get cheaper ads management from freelancers on sites like Upwork. But in my experience, you'll probably end up regretting it. Better to hire someone that really knows what they're doing.

The second DFY service I offer is an ecommerce ads setup service. Struggling to get Google Shopping setup correctly? Hire me and my team to do it. You can still manage it yourself but you avoid the headache of dealing with data feeds, merchant center, conversion tracking, campaign setup, pixels, etc. We can setup all of that for you and then let you step in to manage it.

Same with any other campaigns. Don't want to do all the segmenting and audience creation for Facebook middle and bottom of funnel marketing? Hire us to do it. 

Don't want to do hours of keyword research to get your non-branded search campaigns squared away? We're happy to.

Dynamic retargeting setup? The catalog, the ads, the segmenting, the audiences. We'll do all of it.

Want someone to step in and do a full funnel setup for Facebook, Google, and Bing so you can focus on managing rather than all the work that goes into setup? We've done it for dozens of businesses and can do it for yours too.

How Much Does It Cost?

It depends on what you need done so it's hard to give a fixed price. The price can vary a lot depending on if you only need Google Shopping setup vs a full-funnel build out.

For most brands, if you need a full-funnel build out in Google and Facebook it will cost $3,500+. If you need smaller pieces only or just one channel the price would be less. 

If you want to find out if this service makes sense for your brand, book a call with me here

Using our setup services can save you dozens of hours learning and implementing! Let us take that part off your plate so you can focus on optimizing and building your business in other ways.

Google Ads - 1,141% Account Wide ROAS

Google Ads - 645% Account Wide ROAS

Facebook Ads - 744% Account Wide ROAS

Facebook Ads - 385% Account Wide ROAS

Bing Ads - 642% Account Wide ROAS

My E-commerce Ads Philosophy

The way I produce results like I've shown above is by using a proven system of campaigns that is constantly being refined. The first step is to start at the bottom of the funnel with campaigns designed to maximize results on people who are close to purchasing. Anyone who has initiated checkout or added an item to the cart is at the bottom of the funnel. They are also the lowest hanging fruit. Focusing on this part of the funnel first has a compounding effect on your other advertising because it improves your conversion rates. An incremental improvement in conversion rate has a huge impact at the top of the funnel. Learn more about my bottom of funnel marketing strategy.

Once the bottom of funnel marketing is driving results, the next step is to shore up the middle of the funnel. This would comprise anyone who is engaging with your site or brand but has not made it to the bottom of the funnel yet. Examples: pageviews (excluding add to cart, etc), Facebook fans, email subscribers, past buyers. The job of a middle of funnel campaigns is to push people to the bottom of the funnel. These campaigns are less profitable than bottom of funnel campaigns but they are still profitable and key to nurturing prospects to a purchase. Learn more about my middle of funnel marketing strategy.

After the bottom and the middle of the funnel are humming, it's time to prospect with top of funnel campaigns. Think of your sales cycle as a funnel through which water is flowing. If you have holes in the funnel, water will escape out the sides instead of going through the bottom. A business without really strong bottom and middle of funnel campaigns is like a funnel that's been cut in half. That's the reason I recommend waiting to prospect until after the bottom and middle of funnel campaigns are done. Otherwise you'd be wasting a lot of ad spend on prospecting campaigns that won't be nearly as profitable as they could be. Learn more about my top of funnel marketing strategy.

Notice first how the initiate checkout crowd is being targeted separately from the add to cart crowd. Why? Because someone who initiates the checkout (but didn't purchase) is more serious than someone who added to cart without initiating the checkout. Notice also how each action is segmented based on the amount of time that has passed since the action occurred. This is a crucial step. Skipping it means thousands in wasted ad spend.

Proper segmenting is critical to e-commerce ads success and unfortunately, almost no one does it correctly. If you get this step right you'll be in the top 1% of e-commerce advertising.

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