7-Figure High-ticket Stores:

Drive 7x ROAS At Scale

Leo Ebbert
E-commerce Ads Expert

You're tired of it, right? Hearing from so many agencies and freelances who all promise the same thing?

Tired of sifting through all the emails and LinkedIn requests from people looking for a crack at your marketing budget?  

Tired of booking another "discovery call" hoping this will be the one?

This is where my copywriter says to pivot to a subtle hook where I position myself as different from all those other people invading your inbox and social feeds.

Instead, here's some red-pill truth that will save you a lot of time: in most ways, you won't find me different from those other people.

Our store has a higher Average Order Value than most which makes online advertising more challenging in many ways. Leo's work has driven a ROAS of 9x across multiple channels consistently. Phone sales and web sales have grown as a result. Our campaigns deliver the results we need. I highly recommend Leo and his team for online advertising.

Jeremy Floyd
Kellyco Metal Detectors

So take all their "proven formulas", sky high ROAS, cherry-picked case studies, and just know you would hear those same things from me if you wanted to. I could show you screenshots and testimonials, slick sales decks, and references. Go ahead and check off all those boxes. 

The real difference between all the other ads gurus and me? You can answer one simple question and immediately know if we should talk or not. 

"Do you run a 7-figure ecom store with an average order value of $300+?"

If you do, slide into my calendar because those are the stores I can take places. Your store is my specialty. If your answer to that question is no, get excited because you can cross at least one name off your list. Either way, you're having a good day! 

Let me make it even a little better with this lovely screenshot from one of my clients:

Remember, the key here is you must have:

  1. A 7-figure ecommerce store (annual revenue)
  2. An average order value of $300+

Why do those two things matter? Because most agencies/freelancers have no idea how to run ads for stores like yours. If you approach ads the same way lower AOV stores do then you're going to see poor results. Or at the very least, you will lack scale.

Very simply: I've got a specific niche (see items 1 and 2 above) and I'm very good at it so if you're store is in my niche, I can deliver what you're looking for. 

You should also know, we focus on retention way more than growth so I can't promise we have a spot for your brand right now. Our team is small on purpose (quality control) and we don't do the "churn and burn" style of marketing. 

But if you own or operate a 7-figure ecom store with an average order value of $300+, book a 20-min Quick Hit call and let's find out if there's a fit.

What Our Clients Say

With an average order value of over $1,000 we knew we needed someone with experience running ads for a high-volume store like ours. Leo and his team have consistently delivered excellent ROAS (7x) at scale on Facebook & Google. He fits in with our team seamlessly. You won't find anyone more knowledgable or more dedicated to his clients so stop wasting your time and call Leo!

David Lykins
Med Mart

We've had great success working with Leo on Google and Facebook Ads. His approach has helped us create profitable evergreen campaigns that consistently drive high returns & high AOV. His retargeting approach breathed new life into our middle of funnel marketing (ROAS now consistently 1,000%+ with scale). If you're looking for help with e-commerce advertising, this is the right place!

Todd McCormick

Leo's e-commerce techniques are killer! Whether its Google Shopping, dynamic retargeting, display, upper funnel prospecting...Facebook, Google, Bing, his techniques consistently drive impressive results for us & a high AOV. The way he segments campaigns between bottom, middle, and top of funnel advertising has been a huge benefit to Mission Belt. I highly recommend his services.

Zac Holzapfel
Mission Belt

With an Average Order Value of $400+, it takes a unique approach to make online ads work. Working with Leo's team we have consistently maintained a nearly 8x ROAS across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing. His approach has helped us maximize online and phone sales in a way we never could before. Any brand that works with him is in good hands.

Rob Simpson
Source 4 Industries

With Leo's approach we have been able to maintain a 10x return across multiple channels even during our slow season. If you need help with online ads, and especially if you have a high Average Order Value store, I highly recommend Leo and his team. They'll take care of you.

Jeff Hubrig
PTAC 4 Less

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